15 Female KPOP Idols with Short Hair Who Served Superior Looks

kpop short haircuts female idols

One unique thing about KPOP is the styling. Since the first era, starting with Seo Taiji and Boys, the way how the idols are fashioned have immensely evolved throughout all these years. But the most distinct was the hair styling that idols had to hide before a comeback. Fans would constantly wonder and ask, “What color would their hair be?” “Will it be straight or wavy?” “Or will it be long or short?” And sometimes, idols get lucky and find their “superior” look, especially for a hairstyle that is unusual and hard-to-pull-off.

An example of a “hard-to-pull-off” style is having a short hair. For years, a lot of idols, especially female idols, have tried at least once cutting their hair short. And fortunately, as fans, we’ve seen some “iconic” ones. Here is a random list of female idols who served superior looks with their short hair:

Girl’s Generation Sooyoung

First, let’s start with the second-generation female idols. During that era, Girl’s Generation is one of the biggest girl groups in KPOP. Aside from having numerous hit songs, they were also a trend when it comes to fashion and style. Whatever style they have, a lot of people would follow and copy.

One of the members who gained attention with her distinct styling is Sooyoung. She’s tall and beautiful like a model. And what people would remember about her appearance the most is her short hair. She tried a lot of short hair style variations throughout her long career, and she looks good in all of it.

Kpop Idols Short Hair Female girl's generation sooyoung15 Female KPOP Idols with Short Hair Who Served Superior Looks girls generation sooyoung 0915 Female KPOP Idols with Short Hair Who Served Superior Looks girls generation sooyoung 09kpop idols short hair girl's generation sooyoung fashion

2NE1 Minzy

Another second-generation female idol in this list is 2NE1’s Minzy. 2NE1 is known for having distinctive and almost eccentric styling, which is probably a signature identity from their company, YG Entertainment. So even though Minzy had been sporting her short hair for a long time, she never failed to try different styles with it. She’s tried various coloring like purple and pink and also cuts like a short bob or undercut. And her fans love it saying the structure of her face is a perfect fit for a short hair.

kpop idols short hair female 2NE1 Minzy

kpop idols short hair female 2NE1 Minzy violet

kpop idols short hair female 2NE1 Minzy red color

F(x) Amber

When it comes to female idols with short hair, you can never leave out F(x)’s Amber. And it’s not your usual short hair as Amber is one of the few who has a boycut hairstyle, since her debut. As she is from the second-generation of KPOP, it was quite a buzz among fans and there were even some rumors regarding her sexuality because of it. But nevertheless, her boycut hairstyle solidified her identity in the KPOP community up to this day.

kpop idols short hair F(x) Amber

kpop idols short hair F(x) Amber hansome

kpop idols short hair F(x) Amber eye

IZ*ONE and LE SSERAFIM Miyawaki Sakura

Miyawaki Sakura was introduced to the KPOP industry through her appearance in the popular idol survival show, PRODUCE48. And since her audition in the show, she has always been recognized with her shoulder-length hair style, coloring it with pink, blonde, grey, and light brown when she debuted as an IZ*ONE member. She was even named by ModelPress, a Japanese fashion and entertainment news for women, as one of the "female celebrities that matches well with short hair."

Sakura also had her hair long at time, to which fans commented as a style that exudes her sexiness. But when it comes to wearing her short hair, her aura and overall look becomes livelier. Now that she debuted with LE SSERAFIM, fans are missing her superior short hair look.

kpop idols short hair female IZ-ONE and LE SSERAFIM Miyawaki Sakura

kpop idols short hair IZ-ONE and LE SSERAFIM Miyawaki Sakura


EXID’s Hani is that idol who became famous because of the viral fancam video where she was dancing to their song ‘Up and Down.’ And not just that, it also started the fancam trend among entertainment companies. With this, you can imagine how much power Hani holds in the KPOP industry. Because of that, her fashion and style has been noticeable to the public too.

Hani has always displayed her pretty long hair. For years, she had been adventurous in trying bold hair colors like red, green, and even a unicorn shade! But at some point, coloring and bleaching her hair took a toll on her hair health. So, to restore its original state, she tried a shorter haircut. She explained it in one of her interviews saying, "I bought a hair iron on the internet. But my hair must have been really damaged, because my hair broke off when I used it. So, I had to cut my hair short."


kpop idols short hair female EXID Hani

kpop idols short hair EXID Hani cute

Red Velvet Wendy

In 2019, Red Velvet’s Wendy was seen wearing a new haircut. And all other idols who saw it fell in love with it. There were positive comments from BLACKPINK's Rose, IZ*ONE members Chaeyeon and Yena. Netizens also love it as seen from the 4 of the top 10 searches on Korean search engines that day with keywords 'wendy short hair', 'wendy real name', 'wendy nationality', and 'wendy height'.

With the positive reactions the haircut is getting, Wendy's stylist decided to explain how to achieve that kind of style. First, she called it the "sharming cut” which is a combination of the hairstyle 'shag cut' and the word 'charming'.

kpop idols short hair Red Velvet Wendy black

kpop idols short hair Red Velvet Wendy movie


Former GFRIEND member and now VIVIZ member, Eunha, has always been known for her short hair. With her average height, small physique, and cute face, the short bob hair perfectly fitted her. She even confessed that she personally likes this hairstyle on her. Some fans even said that Eunha reminded them of the cartoon character, Betty Boop. Most of the time, it is colored black, but she sometimes become adventurous and tried pink and blonde.

kpop idols short hair female VIVIZ Eunha

kpop idols short hair female VIVIZ Eunha 2

kpop idols short hair female VIVIZ Eunha heart

Girl's Day Hyeri

Hyeri have styled her hair in short and long cuts, but fans would agree that short hair suits her better. Sometimes, it is in shoulder-length and at times, in bob cut. Either way, she looks good in it as an idol, especially on stage. But Hyeri's 'iconic' short hair was more recognized when she wore it with bangs while playing the character, Deoksun, in the worldwide hit Korean drama, Reply 1988.

In 2020, Hyeri became a topic of discussion in the KPOP community when she cut her hair short after keeping it long since Reply 1988 through a vlog. Apparently, she did it to donate her hair to charity saying, "I plan to donate this hair to people who need it more than me. It gives me a feeling of abundance."

kpop idols short hair female girl's day hyeri

kpop idols short hair female girl's day hyeri 1988 movie


In 2017, former member of Miss A and actress, Bae Suzy, posted a photo on Instagram showing her new hairstyle, a short hair, which caused quite a ruckus on KPOP online communities. It became viral right away. Since her debut, she kept her hair long, which complemented her beauty really well. Turns out, she decided to cut it to give a new and refreshing identity in the Korean drama series, While You Were Sleeping. And thankfully, everyone loved it and it also became one of her 'iconic' roles!

kpop idols short hair female SUZY

kpop idols short hair female SUZY white shirts

ITZY Ryujin

ITZY's Ryujin was first seen as one of the heroines of phenomenal KPOP group, BTS’ Love Yourself Highlight Reel videos. She also appeared and participated in the idol survival show MIXNINE. Until she debuted in ITZY in the year 2019. For most of those times, she was sporting her short straight hair, which looks good on her, by the way.

Ryujin has always been one of the charming and popular members of the group. And fans believe that it is because of her recognizable short hair, perfectly suitable for ITZY's girl crush image. That is why when she is seen with long hair, like in ITZY's LOCO music video, fans can tell the difference right away.

kpop idols short hair ITZY Ryujin

kpop idols short hair ITZY Ryujin birth day


BLACKPINK is undeniably at the top of the list when it comes to worldwide popularity among KPOP girl groups. As much as their songs are iconic, their fashion and style are not to be underappreciated too. The members are all ambassadors of world-famous brands like Dior, YSL, Chanel, and Celine. And in this famous KPOP girl group, the most followed member is Lisa with 78.7 million followers on IG as of writing.

Lisa is seen with long hair at times, with something like an Ariana Grande hair styling. But most of the time, she is wearing her short hair. And like other idols, she’s adventurous with hair colors too, trying pink, light blonde, orange, and yellow colors. If you watch her stage performances or just scroll on her Instagram, you’ll agree that she pulled off all of it.

 kpop idols short hair female BLACKPINK Lisa yellow green hair style

kpop idols short hair female BLACKPINK Lisa eye lens

TWICE Jeongyeon

If you asked a KPOP fan, "Do you know a female KPOP idol with a short hair?" They would probably answer TWICE's Jeongyeon. Yes, that's how iconic her short hair is. And no one can deny how superior she looks in it. She was even named as one of the most beautiful KPOP idols in various online polls. Even though other TWICE members have short hair too, like Ji Hyo and Chae Young, people will always first think of Jeongyeon.

There were a lot of versions of Jeongyeon’s short hair, like the bob cut, curly, with bangs, shoulder length and even boycut. And she carried all of them well. Though, personally for her, whether having a short or long hair is a tough choice. But whatever she decides for herself, the fans will love her all throughout.

kpop idols short hair female TWICE Jeongyeon sky hair color

kpop idols short hair TWICE Jeongyeon

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