BTS vs Blackpink: who is best?

BTS vs Blackpink: who is best?

BTS vs Blackpink Which is the best K-Pop Group

The argument of which K-Pop group is the best between BTS and Blackpink doesn’t look like it is going to die down anytime soon. Going by how their music is being loved around the world, it is easy to conclude that both bands have enjoyed consistent success in the world of music. Both BTS and Blackpink have managed to sell out millions of albums and several stadiums in recent times.

Between BTS and Blackpink, none of them is regarded as a failure. The two bands have been doing well for themselves. Aside from the BTS vs Blackpink popularity, there have been other debates like which of the groups will last longer in the US.

Have you been in love with any of these groups, but are not sure if BTS is more loved by other fans than Blackpink or vice versa? For those who have never experienced the best of Korean pop music, going through this piece will be priceless. Discover who is wining the K-Pop battle as you read through the rest of the article.

BTS vs Blackpink Who is the best?

Introducing both bands

Before delving into the crux of the matter, it will make sense to introduce both bands for the sake of those who are new to the Korean pop life. BTS is a band made up of guys. Seven boys to be precise. The names of the members of this band include Jungkook, V, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, and RM. This classic boys’ band made their debut into the music world in 2013. And ever since, they have succeeded in winning more hearts than anyone would imagine. There are many reasons to believe that the BTS has made many people fall in love with K-pop music.

Blackpink has not had a bad start to their career as well since they first emerged onto the musical scene in 2016. Blackpink is an all-girls musical group. They have definitely made their mark in Korea and the rest of the world. Blackpink also has a huge presence in America. The group comprises four beautiful ladies namely Lisa, Rose, Jennie, and Jisoo.

Both BTS and Blackpink are not new to the musical arena in the US. It will be difficult for someone to just look at one band and say they are better than the other, unless you compare both of them by observing them through various lenses. Perhaps, we will get the argument on the way by looking at:

BTS vs Blackpink who is more popular?

Core BTS fans believe that their band is more popular. However, those in the Blackpink camp have an opinion that is different from the one portrayed by their counterparts who believe that BTS is more popular. The only way to nail this argument once and for all is by taking a look at the facts. If you agree, then let’s hurry up with it.

Music lovers in America will give almost anything to listen to or watch BTS. The group is loved by Americans with every fiber in their soul. To explain how much BTS is loved by Americans, the group succeeded in becoming the first K-pop group to have had the chance to perform in the history of the Grammys. Expectedly, the group did not disappoint its fans when they presented at the Grammys that year. Their performance was not only class, but could be considered as electric on the night. It was a performance that would remain in the minds of their beloved fans. As a follow up on their success and recognition, BTS has had several invites to many talk shows in the US. Americans have gotten so used to this band that they think so highly of them. BTS has done a track together with Cold Play. The title of the song is “Universe.” Without any further explanation, you can already see how popular BTS is in the US. Is Blackpink as popular as BTS? Let’s read on to find out.

BTS more popular

Americans have equally had a good taste of K-pop from Blackpink. If anyone thinks the Korean pop music is penetrating the US at a rather fast pace, then part of the credit should be given to Blackpink. The group is doing an amazing job singing to the pleasure of a large population of American music lovers. Regarding collaborations, Blackpink can also boast of a couple. They have successfully collaborated with some of the best names in the America music industry like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Dua Lipa. These are arguably some of the best artistes you can find in the US today. The idea here is for you to get a feel of how popular the Blackpink group is.

Therefore, if we are to give a verdict on which of the groups is more popular, it will be impossible to arrive at a unanimous decision. Both groups are extremely popular in the US and around the world. Let’s take some other parameter to define between BTS vs Blackpink who is best?

BTS vs Blackpink popularity - blackpink is more popular

Social media presence

Instagram has been buzzing with BTS and Blackpink followers. BTS and Blackpink have 31.6 million and 30.5 million followers on the platform, respectively. Both bands have been causing a frenzy in the social media world. Again, we cannot use this alone to decide which group is the best because as you can see, they have almost the same number of followers, even though BTS has been around for more than 3 years before Blackpink emerged.

On Instagram, the BTS vs Blackpink who is more popular argument may be tilting in favor of BTS. However, you may not be able to convince someone that one group is better than the other simply because they had more followers on Instagram. Instagram is just one of many social media platforms. To be able to look at the argument objectively, we may have to also look at another platform where both bands are known to have a considerable following. As such, let us also consider the followers they both have on YouTube, as that will help reveal more information about the two bands.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform today. BTS and Blackpink have a massive followership on this platform. Some of their songs have had a minimum of a billion views. They even have songs that are approaching the 2 billion views mark.

For BTS, they have about six outstanding music videos that have already exceeded the one billion views mark. That explains why songs like Mic Drop, DNA, Idol, Dynamite, and Fake Love are currently trending hard on the YouTube platform with more than one billion views each. BTS’ Buffer became an instant hit as it managed over 3 million views on the first day it dropped. It has been considered as the greatest premiere of all time. BTS also got the recognition for having the first music video that hit 10 million views in less than 15 mins. It took the video approximately 13 mins to garner 10 million views on YouTube.

BTS vs Blackpink who win?

Blackpink seems to be leading the pack on YouTube as they have an incredible subscriber base of 51.3 million. Obviously, BTS has a lot of catching up to do as they currently boast 38.6 million subscribers. The difference in subscriber base indicates that Blackpink appears to have an upper hand on YouTube. Blackpink fans think their band is on top of BTS given the huge number of subscribers they have on YouTube. But, we are well aware of how those figures can quickly change, like they have always done. It’s only a matter of releasing one hit single, and BTS could experience a surge in subscribers that will surpass that of Blackpink.

International recognition

Many people are of the opinion that BTS should get more of the credit for announcing this genre of music to the world. People from the opposing camp opine that Blackpink should get more of the recognition since they are fewer than BTS. It is not easy for us to pick one out of the two when it comes to BTS vs Blackpink who will win.


 Blackpink is just as talented as BTS. Both bands are doing pretty well for themselves. Just because a particular group of people prefer BTS doesn’t make Blackpink any inferior and vice versa. They both deserve all the respects and love they are getting from their fans. The two bands have worked hard to get to where they are today. So, when it comes to making a choice between BTS vs Blackpink who is best, we may have no choice, but to sit that one out because it is too close to call. Having said that, we would like you to do us the honor by telling us what you think about BTS vs Blackpink which is the best K-pop group?

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