K-Pop Idols Who Seriously Adore Cats

K-Pop Idols Who Seriously Adore Cats

Felines or canines? Purr-haps you prefer the little spiritually detached and independent creature with large eyes and rounded ears. I mean, they’re absolutely adorable! Ever wondered which K-pop idol has a cat? Then look no further because these nine K-pop idols are absolute cat enthusiasts and I'm here for it!


BLACKPINK's Thai rapper, Lisa, is a mother to the "L family”, which consists of five dazzling felines named Lily, Leo, Luca, Louis, and Lego. So cute!
Lisa is one of kpop idols with short hair female.

kpop idols who own cats - blackpink lisa snuggel own cat

Stray Kids Lee Know

Lee Know is an outright cat lover! In fact, he’s a dad to three felines: Soon-ie, Doong-ie, and Dori! How can you not love them?

kpop idols who own cats Stray Kids Lee Know


NCT Ten's go to emoticon in the group is a feline, so that just explains that he’s a cat person! Pretty paw-some, right? Ten's felines, whose names are Louis and Leon, live with him in his residence. So we frequently get to see the icon with his cats! 

kpop idols who own cats NCT Ten

MONSTA X Joohoney

Bringing your pet to work day? Count me in! Jooheon's adoration for felines is so large he even took his cats, Gucci and Yoshi, to one of MONSTA X's 2018 fan gatherings.

kpop idols who own cats MONSTA X Joohoney

Kang Daniel

Former Wanna One member, Daniel, should absolutely be on the cat-lovers page! He has three little cats called Rooney, Peter and Duck.

kpop idols who own cats Kang Daniel

Lay – EXO

You've most likely seen the video of Lay saying he neglected to give his feline a name (and just call it 'cat'), however he has from that point forward gave the feline a name, and has two new additions to the family, Lulu, and Luobo! They also have their respective pages on Weibo!

kpop idols who own cats Lay EXO

Girls' Generation Sunny

Second era icon Sunny of Girls' Generation likewise has an exceptional spot in her heart for felines. As a matter of fact, she cherishes felines so much that she at times cultivate the people who have been manhandled or deserted, notwithstanding her own few felines which she frequently posts about them on her web-based entertainment.

kpop idols who own cats Girls' Generation Sunny

BTS Jimin

Jimin has a mixed story with felines, he totally cherishes them, and, surprisingly, shot with a feline in his independent MV "Good fortune", yet has conceded he is one of the K-pop idols allergic to cats.

kpop idols who own cats BTS Jimin

GOT7 Bambam

Does Bambam have cats? Oh yes! GOT7's part Bambam totally reveres felines. The Thai K-Pop symbol claims four of them named King Gato, Pudding, Cupcake, and Latte. Also, very much like any fur parent, Bambam frequently posts his felines on his social media! He has additionally gone on the record saying he addresses his felines in Korean, so they can comprehend the vets when he acquires them to get checked!

kpop idols who own cats GOT7 Bambam

NCT Jeno

She’s one of the K-Pop idols who are allergic to cats. In spite of that fact, Jeno is an owner of three felines; Bongshik, Seol, and Nal!

kpop idols who own cats NCT Jeno

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