K-Pop Idols Who Reply On Instagram

K-Pop Idols Who Reply On Instagram

You have more pictures saved in your phone gallery of your fandom than your own pictures. I'm on to you, aren’t I? At some point in our lives, we all became a fan of either an actor, dancer, singer, band or whoever grabs our eye. Now envision getting your favorite K-Pop idols to reply back to you. That doesn't happen frequently, correct? We all have longed for the moment where we get a reply back from our biases. There's no denying the way that they get countless followers and are overwhelmed with heaps of direct messages consistently.
All of the top K-Pop Idols on Instagram have huge followings. Blackpink is a perfect example of using Instagram to connect with fans, and promote their music. Numerous huge idol groups like Big Bang, EXO, SNSD, and BTS have their own social media accounts. It is a way for them to connect with their fans and express their love.
Now the question arises, which K-Pop idols are on Instagram and do K-Pop idols reply on Instagram? Well read it to find out!

Lisa (BLACKPINK) – The Top Kpop Idol on Instagram

Current Follower Count: 79.6 M

Lisa (BLACKPINK) – The Top Kpop Idol on Instagram


Lisa is the top K-pop idol on Instagram and she isn't even Korean! This demonstrates that non-Koreans can make it in the realm of Kpop. Lisa is the "maknae" of BLACKPINK and is known for her extraordinary dancing abilities. As of April 2022, BLACKPINK' Lisa was the most followed K-pop star on Instagram with around 76 million followers. You go girl!

Blackpink doesn't answer DMs frequently, however they do sometimes. Jennie and Jisoo from Blackpink have answered fans DMs on Instagram before. In 2017, a lucky fan named Jen connected with the girls on Instagram to tell them she loves, misses, and supports them. Blackpink answered back to Jen, saying “Thank you so much, wait for us!!!”


kpop idols that reply on instagram BLACKPINK Lisa replies on instagram


Current Follower Count: 14 M

kpop idols that reply on instagram EXO KAI

Kai's funny answer to a 7-year-old fan had stood out and was trending on various platforms. Jokingly, a fan said,

"Oppa, I love you. I'm seven years of age."

"Samchun (uncle)", amended by Kai. 

Fans then endeavored to remark more from the remark segment, and shockingly, Kai had been feeling great and answered fans the most that he would be able to. Despite the fact that some were written in English, the language obstruction wasn't an issue to prevent him from making a cordial environment.

kpop idols that reply on instagram have you guys seen exo kai replies to his fans


Current Follower Count: 45.9 M

kpop idols that reply on instagram BTS V

V, who is the most searched k-pop idol on Instagram, of BTS knows how to enchant his fans everywhere. Whether it's in his exhibitions or through SNS. A couple of days prior, the icon followed Jungkook's strides and permitted fans to ask him inquiries on Instagram.


One response specifically turned into the superstar. At the point when V posted the inquiry box, it was afternoon in Korea and the sky was obscuring from one side of the planet to the other. A fan appeared to be feeling heartfelt when she posted this inquiry, “Tonight, shall we go stargazing together? “.

In response, Tae stated, “In two hours, watch the stars from there, I’ll do it from here.”

What a heartthrob! Swoon.

kpop idols that reply on instagram BTS V replies to his fans

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