Top 12 Prettiest K-Pop idols 2023

Top 12 Prettiest K-Pop idols 2023

prettiest kpop idols

There is no secret to the beauty of South Korean women. If you think the starring ladies in K-dramas appear stunning on TV, wait until you see them without a shred of makeup; it's almost unfair. The standards for what define physical attractiveness change over time, but it's safe to say that some women from all around the world steal the show in terms of beauty. 

If you enjoy music, you'll accept that South Korean pop stars and music are currently hot topics online. These prettiest Kpop idols have always been the buzz of the town, even with their breath-taking songs. The Korean beauty queens who top most beautiful female rankings are well known to us all. They stand out because they are well known for having attractive, distinctive, and clear faces. 

South Korea has high standards for both women's and men's physical appearance in comparison to other cultures. The majority of them are thin, with double eyelids, V-shaped jawline, petite faces, beautiful white skin, and double eyelids, which makes them the prettiest Kpop idols. Their delicate, smooth skin is the secret to their young appearance. 

See our list of the prettiest Kpop idols for the year 2023 to learn more about the most beautiful Kpop idols without makeup. They have a large following of devoted admirers because of their widespread praise and unparalleled success.


Kim Jisoo is the first to come in the list of the prettiest Kpop idols in 2023. She is the group's oldest member and is a talented singer who is frequently referred to as BLACKPINK's mood-maker. The vocalist is trilingual, able to speak Korean, Japanese, and Chinese while being the only member who does not speak English fluently. 

She is the picture of sophistication, so it's no wonder that the lovely idol has made an appearance on TC Candler's list four times. Jisoo captured the attention of her fans with her unmade-up appearance and cozy pajamas. On July 19, Jisoo uploaded a video to her Instagram story with the caption "My new jammies." Even though she was in pyjamas, had flowing hair, and was unadorned, her sweet appearance made the audience's hearts melt. She’s definitely one of the most beautiful Kpop idols without makeup!

prettest kpop idols jisoo


Lisa is another well-deserved name on the list of the most attractive female KPop Idols in 2023. She is the group's youngest member and is the lead dancer, singer, and rapper. After relocating to South Korea in 2011, Lisa—who was born and raised in Thailand—learned Korean. Besides Chinese and Japanese, Lisa also speaks English. Likewise, she was the first trainee from a non-Korean ethnic group at YG Entertainment.

Besides being an expert in fashion and lifestyle, Lisa was chosen by TC Candler as the most attractive face in the world at the end of 2021.  The "Thai doll" of Kpop is becoming more and more alluring. Fans and industry experts both praise her aesthetic. She also released her record-breaking 2-track solo debut with "Lalisa," a mini-album that topped many global music charts.

When Lisa is not performing, you may witness a purer, cozier, and more revitalizing side of her along with her gorgeous skin!

lisa blackpink prettest kpop idols 2023


 Singer Nancy, also known as Nancy, is a Korean-American who is affiliated with MLD Entertainment. Although Nancy was raised in Ohio, she was actually born in Daegu, South Korea to an American father and a Korean mother. She became well-known as the maknae of the girl band MOMOLAND. The singer is also well-known for her hilarious, romantic, and lip-sync videos. She goes by the name Jonaensi, Aenaen. 

Nancy consistently proves her talent despite any challenges, winning over followers with her talent and dedication. Of course, Nancy's goddess-like visuals have made her one of the most beautiful kpop female idols 2023, stunning the online users. Talk about inherent attractiveness!

Nancy (BLACKPINK) Prettiest Kpop Idols


Rosé was born in New Zealand and reared in Australia. She also won the YG Entertainment auditions. She is the band's lead singer, and it is easy to recognise her voice. Rosé typically sings cover versions of popular songs in English and Korean while also playing the guitar and keyboard. Rosé's hands are also 360-degree rotatable. Quite intriguing, huh? 

Rosé of BLACKPINK never ceases to wow fans with her divine voice and nimble dancing. Even when she is not winning hearts with her performances, she consistently amazes everyone with her effortless looks and her really kind-hearted nature as the member of BlackPink with the palest skin.

rose blackpink prettiest kpop idols

Tzuyu (TWICE)

 TWICE's Tzuy is definitely the most beautiful kpop female idols 2023. In the group, she serves as the group's leading dancer, visual, maknae, and sub-vocalist. Tzuyu is the first Taiwanese woman to make her K-pop star debut. Since her debut, she has displayed her goddess-like visuals, often leaving fans speechless. Her debut track, "Like Ooh-Ahh," made history by becoming the first K-pop song to receive 100 million YouTube views.  

Tzuyu continues to wow with her artistic talent, which has helped to make every one of her lines famous, in addition to her natural attractiveness.

 Tzuyu (TWICE) prettiest kpop idols


 Lead rapper of BLACKPINK, Kim Jennie was a trainee for the longest period of time in the group—more than six years. She was born and raised in New Zealand and eventually returned to South Korea in 2010. She is fluent in English, Japanese, and Korean.  

Nobody anticipated that Jennie's odd beauty with a round face and full cheeks would one day become popular in Korea when she initially arrived. Everyone is aware that Korean women have always revered the thin and delicate V-line face, but with the recent rise of Jennie, it appears that this is slowly changing.  

In addition, Jennie has a slim build and lovely shoulders. Because of this, she can make whatever clothing she wears appear expensive and opulent even when it may occasionally be the case that they are only everyday stuff. She is referred to as Kim Trendie because she is gorgeous, endearing, and talented. She is clearly one of the most beautiful kpop female idols 2023 and her popularity is still at the top of the list. Look at this confident queen displaying her bare skin!

Jennie (BLACKPINK) prettiest kpop idols 2023

Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene, also known as Bae Joo-hyun, is a well-liked and one of the prettiest Kpop idols K-pop idol. She is a South Korean rapper, singer, and actor. The South Korean girl group Red Velvet is now led by Irene. She made her acting and dancing debuts in Red Velvet's single "Happiness." 

Irene is frequently recognised as being the pinnacle of Korean beauty. Her face possesses every attribute that the Korean beauty standard values. The leader of Red Velvet features large eyes with double eyelids and an aegyo-sal, a high, narrow nose bridge, a tiny face with a v-shaped jaw, pale skin, full lips, and straight eyebrows. Swoon!

Irene (Red Velvet) prettiest kpop idols

Sana Minatozaki

Japanese singer Sana Minatozaki, also known simply as Sana, is based in South Korea. Sana covered "Sotsugyou," a 2020 song by the Japanese band Kobukuro, and as a result, she became the first member of Twice to release a solo single in February 2021. 

She has a petite face, a defined v shape, heart-shaped lips, and a slender build. She is constantly making headlines for her effortless beauty and stunning admirers by turning every situation into her own personal runway. Sana's charms are only enhanced by her lively and upbeat nature, which allows the idol to consistently bias-wreck followers in addition to her almost surreal beauty. Indeed, she is one of the most beautiful K-pop female idols 2023.

Sana Minatozaki prettiest kpop idols

Nayeon  (TWICE)

South Korean singer Im Na-yeon is best known by her stage name, Nayeon. She is Twice's lead singer, eldest member, and most recognizable member. The first member of TWICE to make a solo music debut is Nayeon. The day she went solo was June 24, 2022. 

She is petite, with a small head and a pronounced v shape. She also features double eyelashes, heart-shaped lips, a slender nose with a high bridge, and fair skin tone. I’d say she is one of the most beautiful Kpop idols without makeup!

Nayeon TWICE prettiest kpop idols

Yuna (ITZY)

South Korean rapper and singer Yuna works for JYP Entertainment. ITZY, a South Korean girl group, has her as the lead rapper, lead dancer, visual, maknae, and vocalist. She is one of the most attractive K-pop stars who get lots of attention due to their abilities and good appearance. She is one of the most stunning K-pop female idols of 2022 and is still very popular in 2023. 

She has long proportions, a defined waist, and a really small frame. However, her shoulders are prominent, giving her an inverted triangle body shape. On the other hand, she has an angular build throughout her entire body and a petite face with a clearly defined V-shape jaw. She has double eyes, a high nasal bridge, and lips that are in the shape of a heart.

yuna itzy prettiest kpop idols

Winter (aespa)

Winter, a well-known South Korean rapper and vocalist, is a part of the incredible girl group Aespa. On November 17, 2020, the group released its debut digital song, "Black Mamba." She is regarded as one of the decade's prettiest Kpop idols. 

Winter has light skin and a lean figure. She truly has good proportions, and one might describe her physique as having more of an hourglass shape. She has a tiny face, high nasal bridge, double eyelashes, and heart-shaped lips.

winter aespa prettiest kpop idols

Joy (Red Velvet) 

Park Soo-Young, better known as Joy, is a South Korean actress and singer. After an audition, she was cast in 2012 by SM Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea. The principal rapper and vocalist for the South Korean female group Red Velvet at the moment is Joy.

Because Joy has one of the best figures in the K-pop industry, she is known as the Queen of the Best Figures in K-Pop. Although her round face is now precisely defined, her face is still perceived to have a rounder jaw. She is fair-skinned, has a small face with double eyes, a high, slender nasal bridge, and heart-shaped lips.

joy red velvet prettiest kpop idols

Even without makeup, many idols have a natural beauty that is apparent. Even if all of our idols are gorgeous, there are a few that are poised to win our hearts with their adorable yet gorgeous bare-faced features.

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