14 KPOP Idols with Braces

14 K-Pop Idols with Braces

Braces are meant to correct and fix our dental problems. Though it may be uncomfortable to wear them at first, somehow it can serve as a fashion accessory. As a KPOP follower, you might have asked, “are braces common in Korea?” Yes, they are. Actually, most idols became trainees under entertainment agencies when they were still in middle school and their physical developments still needed some care. So, KPOP idols do get braces to help them achieve perfect teeth when they grow up.

If you are new to KPOP, you might think, “Are there any KPOP idols with braces?” Because you might not notice how KPOP idols wear their braces unless they reveal them to the public. Especially today that there are new technologies related to dentistry and there’s this dental brace called lingual braces. It is attached to the back of the teeth, so you won’t notice them right away. To know more, let’s enumerate some of the KPOP idol who wear braces.

Stray Kids I.N.

Let’s start with male idols like Stray Kids’ Yang Jeong In, with the screen name I.N., and the maknae or youngest of the group. He had his braces for two years starting a year before Stray Kids’ official debut in 2018. Actually, it kind of became his trademark and fans find his braces his ‘charming point’. Thankfully, he gained confidence because of that.

But in 2019, I.N. made an official announcement through a VLIVE broadcast that he finally removed his braces. “Today is a very important day. Do you know what it is?” he began. Then, he removed his mask and showed his teeth exclaiming, “I finally got my braces off! I got them off yesterday.” The first thing he did was chew a gum to enjoy his brace-less teeth.

I.N. also showed himself, together with another member Hyunjin, that he can finally eat curry, which he hasn’t eaten for almost three years. It was quite awkward for him at first, feeling bare on his teeth. But he’s just excited to do the things he wasn’t able to do because of it, like eating more foods.

kpop idols with braces Stray Kids I.N.

EXO Sehun

Sehun is the maknae of the 3rd generation KPOP group, EXO. He wore lingual braces after the group debuted in 2012. And he has a valid reason to wear it. Apparently, it was to fix his malocclusion because his jaw position is a little not symmetrical. But it was not too noticeable unless you zoom in his picture on his mouth. Fans are not sure when he removed it. But during his Nature Republic fanmeeting in 2018, fansite photos showed that he doesn’t have it anymore.

kpop idols with braces exo sehun

BTS Jungkook

Another maknae of the group, BTS’ Jungkook is believed to be wearing braces. Ever since their debut, Jungkook was already known for his bunny teeth. But it was just recently, in the year 2018, that he was seen wearing a unique type of braces called Invisalign. It is a high-quality type of braces made with plastic, which is transparent and particularly effective. Of course, with these features, you can say that it is also expensive.

According to some ARMYs, Jungkook started wearing Invisalign during BTS’ ‘Idol’ promotions. It was specifically noticed during their guesting in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” You can check it out and see for yourself if it was true or not.

kpop idols with braces bts jungkook

 Now, let’s move on to the female idols with braces.

IVE Jang Wonyoung

Before Wonyoung debuted with IVE, she was first known as the winner of the idol survival show, Produce48. And later on, she debuted as the center of the Produce48 project group called IZ*ONE. In her audition video for the show, she was seen wearing braces on both the top and bottom parts of her teeth. But as the show started airing, she was seen with braces on her bottom teeth only. Some fans even claimed that they thought she already removed it because the braces are almost not visible. They think that Wonyoung probably got conscious of it and decided to not smile widely and hide her braces.

Kpop Idols With Braces IVE Jang Wonyoung

Girls Generation Taeyeon

Girls Generation and soloist, Taeyeon, have been photoshopped wearing braces multiple times in her long career. But did she ever have it for real? It seems like it. On a radio show guesting around October in 2015, fans saw the photos from that schedule, and they noticed something in Taeyeon’s teeth. If you zoom it in, you’ll see her lingual braces.

Kpop Idols With Braces Girls Generation Taeyeon

Kpop Idols With Braces Girls Generation Taeyeon2


During a VLIVE episode, it was TWICE’s leader herself, Ji Hyo, who announced that their maknae, Tzuyu, will wear dental braces. She said that Tzuyu will wear ceramic braces which are only visible up close. It was during the time when the group is promoting their song ‘Dance the Night Away’. The braces may not be too visible on photos, but you can see the shift in Tzuyu’s face.
The announcement might be unusual, but the fans believed that Ji Hyo just wants everyone to not misunderstand if Tzuyu started acting differently like not smiling much or change her way of speaking. In response, fans or ONCEs said that they don’t mind the changes in Tzuyu and they still see her as beautiful as ever. Check out this photo of Tzuyu’s face in before and after wearing braces.

Kpop Idols With Braces TWICE Tzuyu

kpop idols with braces twice tzuyu 2

Lastly, there are also kpop idols who used to have braces before they debuted. You can see those pictures specifically during their childhood. Let’s check out some of them.

WayV Ten

Right now, fans claim that WayV’s Ten is wearing lingual retainers. Maybe to hide them from the camera. But when he was still very young, he has pictures showing him wearing normal braces. And he was very confident to flaunt it. Well, who wouldn’t? He looks cute and cool with it! He has another one, which appears to be from a school yearbook and he looks handsome in it.

kpop idols with braces wayv ten

TXT Soobin

TXT’s Soobin is one the 4th gen KPOP idols who is a top visual of their group. He’s tall, handsome, cute and with a bonus of having a dimple. But one of his prominent features is his perfect white teeth. Turns out, he wore braces when he was in middle school as evident in his graduation album photo.

kpop idols with braces TXT Soobin

IZ*ONE Chaeyeon and ITZY Chaeryeong

Sisters Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong have always wanted to be KPOP idols since they were kids. They both joined the reality competition KPOP Star 3 in hopes to join the BIG 3 entertainment companies in South Korea: JYP, YG, and SM. Fortunately, they gained attention on the show.

Despite not being twins, but just a year apart in age or so, Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong really look similar to each other. One noticeable similarity is that they both wore braces which was seen on KPOP Star 3. As they are still kids, they look cute. But don’t let that fool you, these two both have monstrous talent in dancing.

kpop idols with braces IZ ONE Chaeyeon and ITZY Chaeryeong

kpop idols with braces IZ ONE Chaeyeon and ITZY Chaeryeong2

 BTS J-hope

Another BTS member on the list, Jung Hoseok or popularly know as J-hope had his braces during his trainee days at Bighit Entertainment. That is why during those times, he was rarely seen smiling widely. But now, he was even recognized as the ‘sunshine’ member of BTS because of his bright smile and personality. Well, thanks to the braces he wore pre-debut.kpop idols with braces BTS J-Hope goes dentist

Kpop Idols With Braces BTS J-hope


Another KPOP idol who wore braces during middle school is SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi. You can see it from his yearbook flashing his teeth, posing with a V sign.

Kpop Idols With Braces SEVENTEEN Hoshi


We have one more ITZY member on the list and another maknae, which is Yuna. Right now, she’s one of the KPOP idols that has a huge influence on GenZ fans as she continually gives off an ‘IT’ girl vibe. But like a lot of young idols, she also got braces while she was still a trainee. Though she wore them during her early years as an ITZY member, her appearance on her pre-debut pictures look stunning. A lot of netizens commented how cute and beautiful she is with her braces.

Kpop Idols With Braces ITZY Yuna

Recently, having braces seems to not affect the appearances of celebrities even if they wear them. Probably because there are now types that can be invisible to the eye like the lingual and Invisalign braces. Especially in the last 2 years, there are idols who wear braces confidently unlike before.

One example of a KPOP idols with braces in 2021 is Stray Kids’ Seungmin. According to the photos circulating online, he has lingual braces. But on the other side, as a singer, Seungmin realized that having normal braces is easier to have when singing. So, after using lingual braces, he switched to the normal ones right away.

kpop idols with braces hangi

Since KPOP idols are a source of influence to a lot of young people today, whatever they do can change things for the better, like when they are seen wearing braces. If you are a person who is insecure about wearing braces, you can gain confidence just by seeing your favorite KPOP idols doing the same. And that’s just another good thing about KPOP.



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