6 K-Pop Idols Who Can Speak English Well

6 K-Pop Idols Who Can Speak English Well

Sweet dance moves? Check! Awesome visuals? Check! Excellent vocal? Check! As the K-Wave continues to go worldwide, K-Pop idols continue to collect fans from across the globe. These icons frequently decide to gain proficiency with the English language so they can communicate and connect far better with their fans from everywhere in the world and hold conversations with them during events, interviews, and live streams. Despite the fact that there are K-Pop idols who can't speak in English, they're actually doing great too. Communicating in at least two language is a demonstration of one's devotion and obligation to learning as it's certainly not something you can achieve with just weak attempts. Whew talk about dedication!

Whether these idols learned English as a subsequent language or were already familiar with English, their abilities are remarkable in any case.

Here are six K-Pop idols who can speak English.


He’s one of the male K-Pop idols who can speak English well. Namjoon was initially one of the person from his group to initially learn and communicate in the language flawlessly. With BTS' fruitful endeavor into the western and worldwide market, his great language skills effectively came to play when they were doing interviews or shows and RM fit solidly into that job. The super idol broadly uncovered that he taught himself English by watching the U.S TV show "Friends". Presently, all the members can hold decent conversations in English!

kpop idols who speak english BTS’ RM



One of the most known groups worldwide, MONSTA X have a ton of U.S promotions, and it is relevant that they figure out how to communicate in English. While the majority of the individuals can convey well in the English language, KiHyun is the part that squeezes into the topic of this article impeccably. With no formal training, the icon had learned to speak in English well since their debut, which can be displayed in their interviews. He additionally uncovered that he mostly learns English through YouTube.

kpop idols who speak english MONSTA X' KiHyun

SHINee's Key

Albeit he was in America for just six weeks for an exchange program, Key kept on learning the language until he became capable in conversational English. To speak with his international fans, he at times involves English in his Instagram captions.

kpop idols who speak english SHINee's Key

GOT7 BamBam

BamBam can communicate in Thai, Korean and presently English. In spite of the fact that his English isn't at a local level, similar to Jackson or Mark, he has shown massive improvement.

kpop idols who speak english GOT7 BamBam

GOT7’s Jackson

How swoon worthy can he get? I mean, look at GOT7's Jackson! He's one of K-Pop idols who can speak many languages. He has the looks, popularity and communication skill as he is familiar with 5 languages; Cantonese, English, Chinese, French, Korean.

 kpop idols who speak english GOT7’s Jackson


Lisa was a trainee at YG Entertainment since the year 2010, and was first found in Bangkok, Thailand. She is conversant in English, Thai, and Japanese, alongside Korean. If you're pondering which K-Pop group speaks the most English, the response is Blackpink. Rośe and Jennie both experienced childhood in western nations (Australia and New Zealand separately), so they communicate in English totally smoothly. Lisa is Thai and communicates in English easily. Jisoo isn't exactly familiar however she's actually learning.

kpop idols who speak english BLACKPINK Lisa

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